Seagull Beachfront Motel History

Seagull Motel is a registered historical landmark, established in the early 1900?s, which has been in our family since the Spring of 1982.

We left our homes in Oklahoma to start a new life here on the oceanfront. Our first four years as owner/operators of the Seagull Motel were especially difficult. Through hard work, dedication and the grace of God, we persevered, founding our lives in our home of Lincoln City, Oregon. We continue to operate the Seagull Motel under the family values with which we began all those years ago, happily including three generations working together.

Seagull Motel has a variety of rooms to fit your needs. Options including in-room spas, fireplaces, kitchens and deck hot tubs are available. Regardless of which room you choose, you will be treated to miles of amazing oceanfront views. Seagull Motel is situated on the beach, and next to one of the only beach access roads available in Northern Oregon for you to drive your vehicle right onto the beach itself.

Come and visit us at Seagull Motel and meet the family. Soak in the ocean with each incoming wave and be refreshed with the coastal air!

Seagull Beachfront Motel